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Behind The Mic

Shavanna L. Spratt — Founder of Da Hood Talks

The woman behind the episodes of Da Hood Talks Podcast is Shavanna Spratt who is the owner of Da Hood Talks Entertainment and also Da Hood Doula, LLC. Her show that launched December 12, 2020 addresses many topics that will educate, inspire and represent the community that she has been a part of for years.

Da Hood Talks Podcast since launched has been listed as a “DOPE BLACK PODCAST” on  awkwardmenage.com  by Negos Nerd Society and supported by FLOURISH STL.

Shavanna is a certified Doula; a great advocator for Mothers and Babies; and she has over 10-years of working in some capacity in the healthcare field.

Shavanna has spent the majority of her early years living in the county of Saint Louis and has been a resident of Ferguson, MO since 2012. She was recently appointed to the Ferguson Human Rights Commission by the Mayor. Shavanna was also elected to serve on the St. Louis County Extension Council while also acting as an active member of the Flourish Leadership Cabinet whose mission is to work towards eliminating racial disparities in infant mortality by the year 2033.

Shavanna is a 2020 graduate of the Neighborhood Leadership Fellow (NLF) and Neighborhood Leadership Academy (NLA). She was featured in the Saint Louis American around her experience in the NLF program,  Link here , and has also been recently featured in the NLA newsletter; see the article by clicking this Link.  Da Hood Talks Podcast is quickly gaining momentum and has been featured in the Saint Louis American. Shavanna uses her voice through her podcast to engage the community, educate the community, and be a constant resource to the community.

Shavanna also recognizes the importance of dismantling racial disparities; she has a passion for empowering others, advancing racial equity, and an advocate for promoting community voices first. Shavanna has stated, “Community voices are lacking when decisions are being made for our various communities and I am working efficiently to change that narrative by advancing our own and elevating those in my community. We are pushing to make sure that the community voices are celebrated, elevated, and supported.”

Shavanna has a personal stake in her community because as a dedicated mother of two beautiful girls, she wants a thriving community of representation for her daughters to flourish in.


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